Strategies for self-advocacy throughout medical care

It is hard to think of many professions that are as respected and often aspired to, as that of a doctor. Why? Maybe it is because they are respected because of the years and money spent educating their minds about the human body. Perhaps because they look good in a white coat, or is that just in Grey’s Anatomy? But it is likely because when the body starts melting down, they are our lifeline figuratively, and for many literally.

Having spent most of my life being in doctor’s care, I can tell you they…

… before it kills your creativity

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When it comes to creating a piece of work, say a poem, we want it to be flawless. We avoid using too many metaphors because that is what writers have been told to avoid. Metaphor overuse can feel like receiving ten emails in a day stating another reason why we need to self-care our finances, our diet, our relationships, our life! It can feel overwhelming simply put.

It’s perfectly fine to want to do great work, push ourselves creatively and be critical of our work. There’s a healthy dose of perfectionism one can have…

It’s okay, you are your biggest cheerleader!

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You completed that feature film script on aliens invading Wyoming — ten long years after you began! You found the courage to post your first YouTube video on caring for your houseplants. And to your surprise, people watched. 10,000 views at last count! You sold your first piece of art. Turns out people are fascinated with architectural sculptures made of used Evian water bottles!

Whatever your win is, it is momentous! Feelings of joy, pride, relief, swirl through you.

And the first thing you think to do is share this moment with the…

Transform the power of Imposter Syndrome in your creative career, to work for you, not against you.

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‘Imposter Syndrome’ is the feeling of wearing a mask and playing a role that one does not feel at home in. It is when you feel like you or your work is a fluke and that you’re a dwarf amongst giants. Many of us have this, especially when we’re in some sort of creative industry. — Luvvie Ajayi

As a creative that is nearly two years into my career, Imposter Syndrome has been a part of my journey. A journey that began long…

The fundamentals of keeping the side hustle fire alive, as well as yourself

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Having a side hustle appears to be trending in recent years despite it being a thing people have been doing for a long time. One of the most successful side hustles turned 1 Trillion dollar business is Apple. Co-founder Steve Job’s didn’t let his full-time job at gaming company Atari hold him back on what he believed was the next wave of computer ingenuity the world needed. And, it was a hustle to break into a monopolised field dominated by Microsoft. …

Me at Joshua Tree in 2018 (It was transformative in every clichéd way)

As a person that has stared death in the face, more times than Theresa May has been stalling Brexit, I can tell you, you don’t have to wait for a near-death experience to truly transform your life.

My 20s were riddled with near-death experiences. One of them was a car crash, as a result of partying two days straight, no sleep and being bribed into giving a lift to one of my parents (not saying which one in fear of a reprimand) at 5am, after a return from that nights activities. I fell asleep behind the wheel on my way back home, and was fortunate the car veered left into an empty bus stop, and not right into the oncoming traffic. …

Cheryl Telfer

Holistic Nutrtionist, Wellness Writer and Founder of the Wellnotes newsletter

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